GoldSeek Radio Nugget – Bob Moriarty: Gold’s Recent Rise & Global Currency Trends

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Bob Moriarty reviews gold and silver shares charts via our fiber-optic, video studio. Bob is the founder of the must-bookmark website

– Bob quotes ZeroHedge, noting that the BRICS will have a gold-backed currency.

There’s an article on ZeroHedge saying BRICS is definitely going to [have] a gold-back standard, so interesting things are happening. The attacks on the dollar continue. Now I think I got it; I’m pretty sure it was Saudi Arabia told the EU, had told the U.S that if they stole the 300 billion dollars of Russian assets that have been seized, then they would sell their treasuries.

So, we’ve talked about this in the past, you see the election stupidity going on and you see five and a half wars going on, we’re at an exceptionally dangerous period of time but certainly – and I’ve said this numerous times to you – if this is a correction, it’s not very much of a correction.

– One self-made billionaire investor suggests identifying, accumulating and HODL’ing investments that affluent investors will desire and buy in ten years time, such as gold, silver, property, assets and key shares.

When you see gold shooting higher, [from] six weeks ago. That that was also saying there was going to be a correction but we’re back very close to…l think we’re three percent away from an all-time high.

– Jake Bernstein’s remarkable sentiment indicator – current PMs signal.

– Is the world on the cusp of global conflict or is this fear-mongering?

– Price structure remains very positive for gold, silver and related shares.

– Price forecasts for gold, silver and PMs stock indexes.

– Is the HUI Gold Bugs index gearing up for an epic 2x-3x?

– Comparing the price structure of the last bull market with the present.

– Bob Hoye and Ross Clark’s top 10 gold Junior List!

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